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List of Organizations that Donate Islamic Books

By: Adnan A. Khattak

Broadcasted on BICNews 5 December 1997

The following is a list of groups who are kind enough to donate Islamic books, pamphlets, and other educational materials. Distribution is for Islamic charities, Da'wah efforts (including MSA), usage by non-profit Islamic organizations, and for other such purposes only.

Personal and "for-profit" requests are HIGHLY discouraged. Note: Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that every organization on this list will donate items to your Islamic group.

Aisha Bawany Waqf
Bawany Islamic Literature (trust) Ltd.
Begum Aisha Bawany Waqf
3rd Floor, Bank House #1
Habib Square
M.A. Jinnah Road
Karachi, Pakistan
Ph. 221971 (Karachi Pakistan)
Notes: It takes three months to receive books from them since they send by Sea Mail.

Alavi Foundation
500 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor
New York, NY 10110

Al-Quran and As-Sunnah Society of North America
P.O. Box 19900, Cincinnati, OH 45219
Phone: 606-578-8371 (Main Office)
Fax: 606-578-8372

Al Talib (MSA of UCLA Newspaper)
210 Kerckhoff Hall 308 Westwood Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90024

Daar of Islamic Heritage
P.O. Box 831415 Miami, Florida 33283

Haji Faizul Khan
Box 3323
Silver Spring, MD 20918

601 S. LaSalle Building 6th Floor, Suite K-213 Chicago, IL 60605

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Institute of Islamic Information and Education (III&E)
4390 N. Elston ave, Chicago, IL 60641-0129
Phone 773-777-7443
Fax 773-777-7199
Notes: Can order numerous pamphlets on Islam, etc.

International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT)
P.O. Box 669, 555 Grove St., Herndon, VA 22070-4705
Phone: 703-471-1133
Fax: 703-471-3922
Notes: Items related to Islamic management training, Islamization of Thought, etc. available.

Islamic Circle of North America
166-26, 89th Ave
Jamaica, NY 11432
Tel (718) 658-1199
Fax (718) 658-1255
Notes: For the Campus Da'wah Support program of ICNA, go to

Islamic Dawah Academy
c/o Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Ghazi General Director Islamic Dawah Academy International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan

Islamic Education Center
7917 Montrose Rd.
Rockville, MD 20854

Islamic Propagation Centre International
PO Box 2439, Durban 4000, RSA
4th Floor, 124 Queen St.
Durbon 4001, RSA
Tel (27-31) 306-0026/7
Their literature is absolutely free of charge. You may have to pay for postage but that can be waived you can't afford it. Plus they provide you with nice and authentic Ahmed Deedat literature.

Islamic Propagation Centre International (IPCI) (UK).
481 Coventry Road,
B10 0JS
Tel: (0121) 773 0137
Fax: (0121) 766 8577
Notes: Quite a few pamphlets, at least, for free.

Institute for Islamic and Arabic Sciences in America (IIASA)
8500 Hilltop road Fairfax, VA 22031

International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO)
Regional Office for the Americas
P.O. BOX 8612, Washington, D.C. 20036

Islamic Information Foundation
8 Laurel Lane Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3M 2P6 Canada

Khoe Foundation
89-89 Van Dyke Expressway
Jamaica, NY 11435

King Fahd Holy Quran Printing Complex
Distibutor of copies of the Holy Quran:
P.O. Box 3561, Al Madinah Al-Munawarah Saudi Arabia
Translation is based on Yusuf Ali's, but main English-Arabic edition is an updated translation by a number of committees headed up by the Ifta Research and Guidance group in Saudi Arabia. The original Arabic is also included. Various translations are available.
Contact a local Saudi Embassy or Consulate for more information.
The phone # of the Saudi Embassy is:
(202) 342-3800
The department to contact is the Islamic Affairs Division.
They will ask you to fax a letter at the following fax #: (202) 944-5982
You may want to just fax them the request to simplify things. You can also write to them at:
Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia
Islamic Affairs
601 New Hampshire Ave. N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20087
Website: - Islamic Affairs Division

M. Noorbaksh
Box 35844
Houston, TX 77235

Muslim World League
P.O. Box 537 Makkah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: 536-3995

Qur'an Account Inc. c/o A.S. Hashim, M.D.
Free Islamic books to the LIBRARIES OF PRISONS ONLY:
Requests by chaplains for the free Islamic books to the libaries of prisons should be written to:
6407 Tuckerman Lane
Rockville, MD 20852

Royal Embassy Of Saudi Arabia
Cultural Office 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW, Suite 500 Washington DC 20037
ph (202) 337-9450

SAAR Foundation
555 Grove St. Herndon, VA 22070
Phone: 703-471-1133
Notes: May be able to provide funding

World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)
P.O.Box 8096 Falls Church, VA 22041
Phone: 703-931-7239
FaX : 703-931-7253
Notes: You can obtain free Islamic materials (books and pamphlets) from World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). They can also supply you with free copies of Quran.
WAMY Headquarters at Riyadh :
Wamy, P. O. Box 10845, Riyadh 11443, Saudi Arabia
Tel. : (01) 464-1669/465-5431, from the other pamphlet :
Tel. : (01) 464-1663, 464-3281, Fax. : (01) 464-1710
Branch office at Jeddah :
WAMY, P. O. Box 8856, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Tel. : (02) 689-1962

Additions may be emailed to:,

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